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QA QC in Welding Inspection


1 month

Welding Inspector Course covers To deal with distortion in bigger facility constructions, it may be needed to heat whole locations along with making use of line home heating. The pattern aims at diminishing one part of the manufacture to draw the material back right into form.

We assure 100% placement with certified programs that are guided by highly skilled and certified trainers. Add-on certificates (Advanced training in QA/QC in Welding and NDT) 

Duration : 6 month

Eligibility : B-Tech / BE, Diploma, Degree, 12, 10th


Basic Of Welding

Weld Joints and Terminology

Types of Welding

Welding Defects and Causes

Non-Destructive Testing

Why this course?

  • Get 2 years experience knowledge In welding inspection with 6 month course

  • Get valid affiliated certificates by - STED COUNCIL,UAF, EGAC, EIACI, USAS, IAS, ACS, SAP, IMS,BMCERT, IAF,MSME, NSDC,/ASME, ASNT, AWS, ISO 9001: 2015,MSME

  • Welding Inspection knowit program is not stuffing unwanted syllabus, it's completely based on your career and yours skill building.
  • Job opportunities: The welding industry is growing, and there is a high demand for skilled professionals who can ensure quality assurance and quality control in welding inspection. Studying QA and QC in welding inspection can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in this field.
  • Career advancement: Studying QA and QC in welding inspection can help you advance your career in the welding industry. By demonstrating your expertise in this field, you can open up opportunities for promotions, higher salaries, and leadership roles.
  • Job satisfaction: As a QA and QC professional in welding inspection, you will play a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of welding projects. This can be a highly rewarding career that offers a sense of purpose and satisfaction.
  • Continuous learning: The welding industry is constantly evolving, and there is always something new to learn. Studying QA and QC in welding inspection can provide you with ongoing opportunities for professional development and learning.

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This course includes

4.30 hours on-demand Video

Watch totsl 4.30 on-demand video

4.30 hours on-demand Video

Watch totsl 4.30 on-demand video



Hafis Muhammed

M.Tech Mechanical